Jordans 4 Houston Oilers from Twitter


Jordans 4 Houston Oilers from Twitter

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"I'm excited. I can't wait for the ceremony. [John] and I have been working and traveling so much that we just let our wedding planner do everything. We're not neurotic about it. I just want to finally see?all of my friends in one area."
"Food is really important to me," said the model and Model Employee host. "I'm not a big sweets person, which is why I'm really specific about the cake, which is going to be a really multi-layer cake. It's layers and layers of crepe and pastry creme in between with raspberry sauce."

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This article originally appeared on Policy Mic.
(Hey, Jason, how long did you marinate that victim-blaming for until it was just offensiveenough? No, don’t send me the recipe; I have an allergy to chauvinism.)

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"I don't think I'm allowed to say that," star Elizabeth Hurley told PEOPLE slyly at Wednesday night's Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Estée Lauder Companies' cocktail party at Bloomingdale's in New York. "All I can say is that she does have a very exciting journey."

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